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Ever feel like time has a mind of its own? One moment, you're starting a new project, and the next, it feels like an eternity has passed.

I have a lot of exciting things to share with you all, but first, I want to express my deepest gratitude for your support. Whether it's through this blog, our website, Instagram, or in person at the shop, your encouragement truly means the world to me. I am genuinely honored and flattered. It brings me immense joy to serve the community with nutritious, high-quality products, especially those that are hard to find. Thank you for being a part of this journey.. 

I made an embarrassing mistake. I sold these pieces of prime ribeye in a vacuum sealed bag that were meant to be used for ground beef to a customer. Utterly humilitating. I made an excuse saying things slip through the cracks occasionally since we are so new and I apologized. But I dropped the ball, I was complacent even though I didn't know how bad those cuts were. But; there is a good side to this story. After they viciously complained (as I would have too for the price they paid and quality received) I was able to explain that it was an honest mistake and if he would be willing to come by the store I would give him proper ribeyes no charge. I am grateful that he did. I don't have any expectations but I greatly appreciate the opportunity to make things right that I messed up. 


These are the steaks that I gave them when they were nice enough to come back and give me the benefit of the doubt. The point is, if your butcher or his team somehow overlook something (we are only human), don't be shy, bring it to his attention imeditily! We take great pride in what we do and any butcher or chef with his salt would be more than happy to make things right. So thank you very much to the family who gave me the opportunity to make things right. 


Did somebody say dry-aged beef? I don't have a fancy $10,000 esoteric meat aging cabinet... yet. But I use a device called a SensorPush. It logs humidity and temperature in real time. Over the past 40 days these were aging, at an average temperature of 35 degrees and humidity was 75% no major temperature fluxuations. They sat on the top shelf of the walk-in on a rack with the fan blowing on them all day and night. I have to say, the tenderness, the beefiness, delicious. It's a great experience. We have a couple more prime export ribs and prime shortloins at 28 days right now. If anyone wants to reserve a specific cut, dont hesitate. They are outstanding. 


We bring in whole Heritage breed Berkshire hogs from a small family farm in Groveland FL. Heidi cares for, raises, harvests and delivers us whole hogs bi-weekly. We recently had a gentleman request a whole bone in pork belly which weighed about 15 pounds.. The hog was running around playing in with his friends in mud just a few days before he bought it. The flavor is magnificent. Some of the best pork I've had if not the best pork. All cuts are regularly avilable with enough notice. 


Side note, We have superb Porchetta we would be happy to roll up and sell you raw or cooked. Perfect for a party. It's really a show stopper!


Slowly but surly we are putting grab and go meals in the case. These are Ft.McCoy grass fed, grass finished short ribs. No hormones or antibiotics. Slowly braised for 12 hours with artichokes, sun dried tomatoes, carrots, and truffle butter. Just heat and serve. Other items like bolognese, meat and cheese plates are avilable as well. 


Tons of extremely healthy grass fed grass finished ground beef coming out of Ft.McCoy Ranch in central FL by Ocala. $12/lb. Very flavorful and nutritious! 

Thats all the time I have folks. Thanks very much for making this far if you did. We look forward to seeing you at the shop and getting you what you need. A couple items to look out for in the coming months-

Grassfed hot dogs from Ft.McCoy Ranch

Raw Milk and Raw Cheese, Cream etc. 

House made cold smoked salmon lox

A bunch of Lacto-Fermentation

House made cream cheese and clotted cream

Antipasta salad

Borsch soup

Split pea soup

Truffel stuffed chickens

And much more! have a great week!
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