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We are excited to be bringing in half a full blood Wagyu beef from Rachel & Doug Marcinek of Marcinek Farms Archer, FL.

These full blood #Wagyu cattle hang out on the open pasture all day. Grazing when hungry, resting in the shade when tired, drinking fresh clean water when hot. They are raised with care and respect and the finished beef flavor proves it! Typically graded between A3 and A5 this is a very special product. Look at the marbling below!

It's all too easy these days to purchase Japanese or Australian Wagyu beef. Heck, they even sell it at Costco! Well I have had a few requests for Wagyu beef already and my answer has always been as soon as I find a quality Florida farm that can supply me great beef, I will bring some in. My wish has been fulfilled!

This is not your average beef. Doug and Rachel only raise a hand-full of these a year on their small ranch, with very high demand. They must be purchased in half or whole beef options only, and you have to wait. The beef is harvested only when ready, and then dry aged for a minimum of 3 weeks.

We are excited to bring in half of this amazing animal beacuse that means we will be able to offer our community here in Boca Raton and surrounding areas in Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Miami various cuts and preperations. Everything from ground wagyu beef for burgers, to amazingly marbled and earthy sliced shanks and roasts.

Using a well balenced and healthy feed is crucial for these cattle to thrive. Hillandale Quality Feeds in Lake Butler does just that. After the cattle graze on the open pasture, they feast on a well balanced all natural feed blend along with plenty of fresh water that gives them all the nutrients and vitimins needed. Not only do they thrive and live a happy life but they also produce an umami rich unforgettable expereince!

Feel free to contact us if you would like to reserve some of this wonderful beef. Various cuts will be avilable and priced accordingly on a first come first served basis for retail early June. We are happy to put together any sized package you may be interested in but keep in mind that we have limited supply on all cuts.

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