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Whole Animal Butchery - Our Hogs

Nothing really emphasizes whole animal butchery quite like the hog. We source ours from small farms in central Florida. About 99% of the animal we recieve gets used. It's a fantastic example of whole animal butchery.

To give you an example; Most people think of the pork chop, pork butt, ham and maybe belly. Well there is so much more that a whole hog can offer. The shoulder has amazing roasts that can be tied up in its own caul fat with sage, roasted slowly and sliced. The hocks can be brined and smoked to create one of my favorite items, the smoked ham hock. The head can be deboned and seasoned, cooked slowly and turned into coppa di testa or head cheese (it has nothing to do with cheese). Scraps can be turned into Rillettes (pork meat seasoned and cooked in its own fat until tender. Think of French carnitas), sausages or meatballs. Bones for stock and soup. Skin for dog treats and chicharrones.

I always tell people that we can cut and set aside any part of the hog you want. Utalize your local butcher shop, that's what they are there for. That's what sets them apart from the grocery store. If we don't currently have something in stock, we will bring it in, it will just take a little time.

We use Berkshire, Hereford, and Chester White hogs. They are all heritage breeds that are raised with love and care on open pastures and farms. They grow slower than commodity hogs and require more feed, attention, and knowledge to raise. The meat and fat is healthier for you due to the fact that they are fed a healthier diet and live a healthier lifestyle. You know exactly where your meat is coming from, the conditions they were raised in, and how your meat was handled, which means a lot. These days it's hard to know exactly where and how the grocery store meat was handled. But perhaps the most important thing; You can taste the difference! But don't take my word for it, stop by and try some for yourself!

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